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Hello, I am an entrepreneur, health coach, mediator, mother, grandmother and person who desires to help others reach their full potential. I love being active, eating healthy real foods, the occasional glass of red wine and spending time with family and friends. My passion for helping people stems from the desire to see a world free from pain and suffering. If we each do something towards helping others then it makes our communities a better place. I love all animals, especially dogs and horses. I like reading fiction, history, cookbooks and lots of interesting news on the computer. I love running, walking, boating and being outside. What do you like to do to keep active?

Is Kefir for You?

If you drink cows milk and want to learn more about making Kefir. There are lots of resources on the web. However if you want a private or small group lesson I can help … my Healthy Kefir grains are … Continue reading

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What’s Love Got to Do With Health?

The need for current health information is critical! If you value health and want to make a difference in your health then you must be ready to commit to some lifestyle changes. One commitment that seems a challenge for many … Continue reading

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Just Eat Real Food!

Are you confused about our foods? Welcome to the 21st century. Our food supply is filled with toxic food like products (bags, boxes, cans, etc) we need a science degrees just to figure out what to eat. Let me give … Continue reading

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Fall Soup to Nourish Your Cells!

Did you know your cells communicate with each other? It is true! And what you eat helps or hinders that communication… this soup will definitely help! Continue reading

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Nut Milk… Not what you think!

Are you still drinking cows milk? If so are you drinking organic milk from grass fed cows? If not, I hope you consider making a few changes to your milk intake. You see, cows milk is tasty and is loaded … Continue reading

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Business Development as a Health Coach

Today’s learning journey was mainly on developing my business plan. We looked at types of business structures, ensuring all the right tools are in place and what to charge for the services. I always appreciate the speakers, resources and inspirational … Continue reading

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Why the Gut?

The immune system is part of a persons defense system, it fights off what it perceives to be invasive or harmful to the health of your body. If the digestive system has what is known as “leaky gut” then particles … Continue reading

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