Healthy lifestyles consist of the food you eat, the exercise you get and the thoughts you think. Remember, thoughts become things! If you look around what have you thought about and what do you have in your life?

Our foods have gotten so far away from what food should be, we often think that food comes from a package, and really… it does not. It is prudent now to supplement our diets with vitamins because our foods no longer contain the nutrients we need. We are eating, yet starving!

We have many excuses why we are not getting in the exercise we need on a daily basis… and this can impact our health and well being greatly!

I will write more on these topics each week.

Live well friends,


1 Response to Health

  1. Ingy says:

    Great to see you Blogging & thanks for the Healthy Shake. I also like sharing information healthy information. Thanks for being here Carmen 🙂

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