When Families Separate

One area of conflict management I seem to work a lot in is when families decide to go separate ways. Often this can be an amicable experience with the parents working towards finding their new ways of communicating with each other, especially if there are children involved.

In a small percent of families there is a phenomenon known as Parental Alienation that occurs and is harmful to everyone. This is when one parent tries to turn the child to their side and shares way too much information about the separation with the child, often making the child a confidant in the process.  Or they speak poorly of the other parent and their side of the family, this is not healthy for anyone! We created a 30 minute DVD on what Parental Alienation is, and how to change some behaviors to stop these destructive behaviors.

Separation and divorce is hard to go through, why make it more difficult? Ask yourself what divorce memories are we creating for our children… If you do not like the answer, then contact someone and start to put strategies in place. I know this is a challenging time, but aren’t your children worth it?

To learn more visit http://nanaimomen.com/pages/pa_project.htm

Parental Alienation 30 minute DVD to raise awareness

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